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Reverse 45 LED 1156 Set

Reverse 45 LED 1156 Set

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This Reverse 45 LED 1156 Set from GadgetX Store is the perfect choice for your car. It includes two 1156 BA15S 4014 45 SMD LED bulbs, designed for DC 12 volts. The LED color is xenon white, and it can be used as a backup reserve light, tail light, corner light, stop light, parking light, and side marker light.

This set is of high quality and super bright, making it a great choice for your car. It is also green and environment-friendly, safe and reliable. The LED light-emitting diode has a low power consumption, which can better protect the car circuit. It is also functional and durable, easy to use, and has a light angle and highlight.

Note that if the LED does not light up, simply flip it 180 degrees (reverse the polarity). You might also need to add 50W 6-Ohm load resistors to prevent the LED bulbs from hyper flashing, malfunction or trigger warning message on the dashboard.

This set includes one 45 LED set. Get yours now from GadgetX Store!

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